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Phone Apps

To  help you remember to take your medication we've developed a smart phone app.  The idea behind it is that it will remind you to take your medication on the days, and at the time you need to take them. Then once you've taken them you can add them to a chart to keep track of when you've taken them.

We've even added a hospital appointments section so you can be reminded to go to the doctor or hospital.


To download the iPhone iDiary app click here

To download the Android iDiary app click here

To download the Blackberry iDiary app click here


While we've tried our best to make sure that everyone can access the apps, unfortunately due to the phone company limitations we can only supply the app to iPhones with an iOS 4.3 or greater and Blackberry OS 7 (you also need a SD card).

Once downloaded please leave your reviews if you like the app!